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Take the days as they come
31 December 2012 @ 06:36 pm
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Take the days as they come
Title: Better to Jump Not Fall
Author: pinkichan
Pairing(s): Sean Van Vleet/Ryan Luciani, Tom Conrad/Ryan Ross, past Ryan Ross/Jon Walker
Summary: Sean can see ghosts. He's always been able to – and it's not like TV, no matter what Tom says. Sean’s power to help the dead has never interfered with his daily life or his relationships much, but that’s slowly beginning to change. Things are hard enough with Sean falling for his band mate and being afraid to admit his feelings, but when the ghosts of the city tell him that something big is coming and he’s the only one who can stop it, Sean’s life grows increasingly difficult. He just wants to make music, but nothing is ever that simple. Sean’s been carrying these ghosts for years. Who knew that falling in love could be scarier than ghosts?
Warnings: minor character death (off-screen), abduction, deviation from canon timelines
Author's Notes: Many thanks to corbaequintenttsy, and airporttags for the utterly amazing art and mixes that they made for me and thanks to all the friends who listened to me hem and haw about this fic and provided me with feedback and motivation to finish this!

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Better to Jump Not Fall on AO3

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