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19 December 1988
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I'm twenty-two. Currently a college student where I am studying to become a special education teacher.

Fandoms I'm in: My most active fandom is bandom and I write a lot of things in bandom, but you'll mostly Jon/Ryan, but there are a lot of little pairings tucked in that I enjoy. I write a lot of different stuff, whatever I feel like when I have the time. I'm also into Community and Glee but have yet to write in those fandoms.

Ships I'm just going to give you the biggest ones/ones I am mostly likely to write:
Jon/Ryan, Brendon/Spencer[+Dallon], various combination's of the the ladies of The Like, as well as combos of Panic and The Young Veins. Annie/Abed, Annie/Troy, Annie/Troy/Abed, Troy/Abed, Sam/Puck, Girl!Sam [in general], Girl!Sam/Santana, Santana/Brittany.

Feel free to add me! I typically will add you back and I like to make friends.
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